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I recently read an article that said we meet an average of 20,000 people over the course of our lifetime. From perfect strangers to acquaintances to friends to soulmates, we encounter a wide range of humanity over the years. Many come and go, having an impact on us in different ways and to different degrees. I believe that some of these relationships are meant to last only a short time while others are meant to last a lifetime. 

Some of us are lucky enough to meet people who shine a light on all of our strengths, allowing that light to reflect off of the areas we believe are weaknesses to show how they can be glowing areas of strength as well.

What an honor these relationships are. One of these came in the form of a stranger "looking for office space". BrianJames McMahon came into my life at the perfect time. A time where I carried more self-doubt than hobbies, BrianJames stepped in, shined his light on all my self-doubts and together we created one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the honor of being a part of: Great Oaks Launch. 

Through many (many!) texts and dream sessions, BrianJames and I together created a training center for new therapists to learn how to grow professionally and clinically in this field while maintaining their own strong sense of Self. 

This place has become one of the most sacred areas of my life apart from my friends and family. I owe so much of the success of Great Oaks to BrianJames.

At the end of 2022, BrianJames did the very thing we hope these new therapists will do when they're ready: he launched. I have experienced such deep sadness at this as well as pride (and many other emotions that this Enneagram 4 friend of mine has helped me access).

BrianJames, you have taught me how to slow down in a world filled with fast lanes. You have encouraged me to see my failings as opportunities that led to my greatest areas of growth. You have taught me to lean in when my pain begged me to lean out. You have met my overwhelm with calm, my impulsivity with curiosity, and my fear with faith. This place won't be the same without you but it will continue to be so, so impactful because of what you and I created together. And, for that, I am eternally grateful.

Now to the reason for this writing...
therapist emeritus.

According to Webster's Dictionary, an  emeritus is defined as
 "a person retired from professional life but permitted to retain as an honorary title the rank of the last office held ".

It is an honor to offer the title of

          Director of Great Oaks Launch

to you, BrianJames. While many strong leaders have stepped into the space you're no longer in here, you cannot be replaced. There isn't another BrianJames. Therefore today, February 24, 2023, the title "Director of Great Oaks Launch" will retire along side of you as you step into all you are called to do and be in this world outside of Great Oaks. You may no longer be at Great Oaks but you will forever be here in spirit.

So much love, adoration, and gratitude to you my friend,


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