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Meet Lindsey

​"Don’t surrender all of your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore."

Cheryl Strayed

Hi, I’m Lindsey. And I care a lot about people, and especially about you, if you’re open to letting me in. I’d love to hold space for you and bring healing however I can. I’m ready to sit in the storm with you for as long as you need (and I have an umbrella for when you are ready!). You are capable of getting through this. You don’t deserve the negative things you say to yourself, and I’d like to help you tell a new story. 

I use common factors and an integrative therapy approach to fit your unique needs. I am constantly learning from my clients and the other wonderful therapists at Great Oaks. My goal is to use my curiosity and love of people’s minds and hearts to become a better therapist every day.

Learn more about Lindsey here.

Session Fee: $100

Lindsey is a PLPC and is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure. She is under supervision with Shannon Waters-Russell, LCPC - KS#2547
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