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The LAUNCH program at Great Oaks aims to develop, prepare, and equip graduate student interns, pre-licensed therapists, and even licensed therapists to enter the private practice world healthy, competent, and creative in three main areas: professional, clinical, and personal.

professional development

Participants engage in a variety of concepts, practices, and strategies to help them identify, think through, and develop skills necessary to become professionally successful and prepared for the business side of private practice



Participants learn to think clinically through the lens of one theory at a time to become competent in that theory, learning to balance use of theory with the therapeutic relationship.

personal development

Participants learn how to bring  an integration of self into the therapy room so that they can learn how to best make use of their own woundedness and humanity in a way that is an asset to the therapeutic process.



Michelle is the owner of Great Oaks therapy and has worked with interns and pre-licensed therapists as a AAMFT supervisor for the past 5 years.

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BrianJames is the Director of Great Oaks Launch. His passion is for training and mentoring new therapists to lean into the therapists they will become.

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