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Meet Michelle


The journey to group practice ownership has been one that has spanned the vastness of emotional experience. From self-doubt and discomfort to courage and self-compassion, it's not been all that different from the overall experience of being human. I believe, at my core, that all of us are worthy of a human experience that includes connection, safety, and self-compassion. All of us.​


None of us are void of the need for connection. Yet, loneliness is so present in the world around us. My desire, as you read through the bios of each of the therapists at Great Oaks, is that you hear/see/feel one over-arching truth: that you are worthy of connection and have been since the beginning.

As therapists, we wrestle with lots of things that being human brings. We are not perfect. None of us at Great Oaks claim to be. And my hope is this: that our common shared humanity will bring you a sense of belonging, of community, and of hope.​

There is room for us all.

As the owner of Great Oaks, it is my desire that as you enter this space you experience feeling welcomed and cared for. And that, when you are ready, you come and sit with one of us, knowing that as you do you will be greeted by another human who sees your inherent worth and desires for you to see the same in yourself.

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Specializing in areas related to dissociation and trauma, I utilize my training in Internal Family Systems, a model driven by a desire to heal through Self-led compassion and understanding, to bring balance and harmony within the internal system.

I also work with many adults with ADHD. Having been diagnosed myself as an adult, I understand what it means for us in terms of how we experienced ourselves both as children and now as adults. I desire to help in both awareness and healing as you learn both the gift and challenges ADHD can bring.

Consultation & Coaching

I have been so privileged to walk with many humans seeking guidance through means other than therapy. This has included Enneagram Coaching, IFS Consultation, and Business Start Up Coaching. What fun it is to sit with you as you grow in greater self awareness through these lenses. I believe that leaning into who we are becoming is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves and the world around us.

Clinical Supervision

I have a strong desire to lead and train new therapists, working to identify the parts of the helper that sometimes get us stuck. I have the designation of a AAMFT-Approved Supervisor and offer post-graduate supervision to pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as well as therapists who are in training to become supervisors. 


Training: Great Oaks Institute

With the help of BrianJames McMahon, we have developed Great Oaks Institute, a division of Great Oaks that aims to develop, prepare, and equip therapists to enter the world of private practice healthy in three areas: personally, clinically, and professionally.

Session Fees:

45 minutes $175

90 minutes $350

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