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Meet Katrina

When sitting with another person, the first things that come to mind are questions like, “What has led them to this place where healing is desired” and “How can I be most helpful in sitting WITH them as they work towards healing?”


I find the human experience and the human story so fascinating. I lead more with curiosity than theory. I lean more into compassion than treatment planning. I focus on the innate ability of humanity to heal, rather than being *the* healer.   As a holistic, integrative therapist, my goal is to come up with a support plan that meets your individual needs.


I think we can all benefit from having a safe place to share our struggles and our victories.  When you and I sit together, my greatest desire is for you to know you belong. That you are welcome here. That I see you.  And that we’re not all that different from one another.

Person to person, you matter. 


Session Fee: $110 individuals, $130 couples



Katrina is a PLPC and is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure. She is under supervision with Paul Hoard, LPC - MO#2018042597, LCPC - KS#2614
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