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Meet Katrina

When sitting with another person, the first thing that comes to my mind is not, “What theory should I utilize to aid them in healing?” Instead, the things that come to mind are questions like, “What has led them to this place where healing is desired” and “How can I be most helpful in sitting WITH them as they work towards healing?”


I find the human experience and the human story so fascinating. I lead with curiosity, not theory. I lean into compassion, not treatment planning. I focus on the innate ability of humanity to heal, rather than being *the* healer.   


I think we can all benefit from having a safe place to share our struggles and our victories.  When you and I sit together, my greatest desire is for you to know you belong. That you are welcome here. That I see you.  And that we’re not all that different from one another.


Person to person, you matter. 


Session Fee: $110



Katrina is a PLPC and is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure. She is under supervision with Paul Hoard, LCPC - KS#2614
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