Lydia Korte gets Real, Vulnerable & Shares about Vibrations

Quiet.  Blank head.  Sitting here thinking what the heck do I say.  The things I want to share are immense, maybe even complicated. Do I even fully understand? I think I do, but sometimes I second guess myself.  Over the last year, approximately since graduation,  I have been studying energy work and vibration. And by studying I don’t mean reading extensively or partaking in weekly classes online. I mean meditating, asking for answers and opening myself up to intuition.  Sure, I have read books about the law of attraction, mindfulness, and how to be zen. The books that have guided me include: Ask and It is Given by Abraham Hicks, The Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Course in Miracles by Alan Cohen.  But only half of what I’ve gathered in the past year about energy has come from books. The better chunk of what I know has simply been shown to me.  Yes, shown to me, like a movie in my head.  Now, I have no degree or even true interest in science, physics, or math. I took math twice in college and slept through most of my sophomore year. I am a right brain empath — numbers have no place in my brain.  Which confirmed that the information I was given during a routine morning meditation was definitely not “mine”.  I have always been an extremely curious person. Obsessed with “why”. My mother could tell you, as a child I constantly pestered her with the question. I needed to know the intention and motivation for everything. To say she was an annoyed parent is an understatement.  Nevertheless, I continued into adulthood still ruthlessly asking “why”. Why are people the way they are? Why is life the way it is? Why do we feel love? Why do we hurt each other? And why do we push and pull away from one another?  So thus, the universe gave me answers, just because I asked. The truth is simple. We are each bidding for love literally in every moment. Everything we do, think and say is motivated by love, at its core. Consciously and unconsciously, we are pulled as if by a magnet to positivity. LITERALLY PHYSICS!!  Let me break it down— If you look at a vibrational scale:

you will see gratitude, love or “God” exists at a 700hz-1000hz frequency and all other emotions follow down the scale in order of distress. The more positive our emotions are, the higher the frequency they vibrate at. In turn, negative emotions lower our frequency.  Higher frequency emotions feel good. Lower frequency emotions are uncomfortable, even painful. There is a common narrative in our society about pain being something good, something necessary to earn success and strength. This is exponentially false. Pain exists because of the vibrational distance between ourselves and God/Universe/Source i.e. the “truth”. The closer the frequency of our statements, thoughts and actions are to the Universal frequency, the better we feel.  Imagine this, pretend you are a rubber band and you are hanging on a hook. 

The hook is God at 1000hz. You, the rubber band are sitting at the top of a vertical continuum. Let’s say while you were texting your boyfriend today, he called you a few rude names and you experienced anger. Your rubber band is no longer comfortably resting on its hook at 1000hz . It is stretched all the way down to 150hz, where anger vibrates. Let’s say boyfriend calls back and dumps you. At this, you are devastated and now in a state of grief and depression. Your rubber band is stretched even further down to 75-50hz, the vibration of sadness.  It is here, we often become stuck. We decide we need to study our sadness and angry in all of its revolting glory. We think to conquer our pain we will study it. “If I learn it’s ways and play it on repeat I’ll be better prepared to battle it next round”. We tell ourselves this will help us understand. However, the pain we experience during low vibrational emotions is not because of the emotion itself or even the trigger. The pain we experience is caused by the pull away from the universal truth of immense love. We feel pain and distress only when something at its core is false. Consciously we may not realize this, but subconsciously we are aware of the discrepancy between our negative believes and the truth. Our rubber band is stretched down to a low vibration and we feel it both physically, emotional.  When we feel love or joy or enlightenment, it’s because something feels true or authentic. This is true regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender or age. We all have our rubber bands hooked at 1000hz and thus any stretch too great causes us pain.  So, basically a system is at play to help you from sinking too low. Allow yourself to rise back to 1000hz (or

close to it!). Like a magnet, the universe is trying to pull us to the highest emotional state in all moments and experiences. We must trust. Trust that every experience is working for our highest good. Trust that a magnet of PURE UNADULTERATED LOVE is pulling us towards it. And trust our own selves to know internally when something allows us to feel aligned and when it doesn’t. Let your internal compass be your guide. It will not lead you astray because a magnet cannot tell a lie. 


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