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Meet Jon

​"Always remember, your focus determines your reality."

Qui-Gon Jinn

I have felt a certain pull in my heart to work with men and first responders. I understand many of the pressures and struggles associated with being a man in our society. Navigating emotions can be tricky, especially when societal standards only deem some emotions as "acceptable." I also have an interest in working with first responders, as generations of my family have been in that field. Growing up in a family of first responders I have seen the toll that working in these careers can have on an individual as well as their family. The world can be a tough place so I will work to help you navigate it if I can!


I understand how important trust and respect are in the therapeutic relationship. I also know that these things are earned, not given. Being a therapist does not automatically grant me your trust, but instead I will work to build that within our therapeutic relationship.

Session Fee: $100


Jon is a Counselor in Training and is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure. He is under supervision with Jennifer Agee, LPC - MO#2001031979
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