GOTC Art Collective 

Here at Great Oaks we are excited to offer a place for artists to bring their creativity in to our space for the enjoyment of all that walk through our doors. All of the art in our lobby and hallways is for sale. The below artists are currently featured in our space: 

Hello Beautiful Creature! 

Welcome to the Starry Cauldron! In my cauldron, I am brewing galaxies, comets, supernovas all mixed with earthy goodness and a good dose of confessional honesty. I put everything in my cauldron, my whole life. And what comes out is my very own unique brand of majik. We are all so majickal and part of my majik is to show you a different possibility and remind you of the majik portals in all of our lives.


I am primarily here to document the ever unfolding journey. Mine comes through in my art, writing and whatever other thing I can use. In general, I write and make what I want. Full expression is my jam.  I also offer various readings, energy work and journeys, which is my way of using my gift for reading your energy and reminding you of that inner voice. I am a seer who merely delivers the messages given to me for you. You are always free to take what works and leave the rest. Take a look around and I hope you feel free and loved. Please explore the menu for more information on what I do and why I am here.

craig neisen.jpg

At Craig Niesen Photography we are passionate about the photographic process, as well as providing our clients with the best experience. We enjoy meeting new people and helping them to create photographs that will bring them lasting memories of the most important moments of their lives.

What We Do

We specialize in not specializing.  What does this mean?   It means that we love living life through the lens and sharing the experience with others. We do not limit ourselves to one type of photography.  We do headshots to weddings, senior portraits to anniversaries, and everything in between. We also share our travels through our Travel Photography Blog and our fine art work.

The Way We Do it

We start by getting to know our clients. We feel that the best photos are made when they represent the subject as an individual- their likes and interests. We want our photographs to convey the personality of our clients. We work with the client to determine their exact needs and any special requests they might want. Our philosophy is to work with the client in the session, we do the retouching, and we oversee all steps of the printing of the final images to ensure the highest quality product. 

Why We Do it

Not only are we passionate about photography, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality product we can at a reasonable price to ensure that professional photography is accessible to as many people as possible. We feel everyone should be able to have lasting, professional quality images that mean something to them.