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Meet Adriana

​"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

It is a well-known secret that many therapists begin their journey of helping others with the journey of helping themselves.

That is where my journey began.

I know how difficult life often is and this is where my strength lies. Yes, I have the education, but for me what is most important in my clinical work is that I have a lot of life experience. I know about triggers, about attachment wounds, about the “not good enough” thoughts and I know about trauma.

My personal journey taught me about the power of therapy. The journeys of others, those that I have been honored enough to witness as a therapist, cemented my belief in the power of therapy. I have been privileged to help clients gain new insight that leads to a change in thoughts, behaviors and/or emotions. And I have witnessed how these changes impact their life and transforms them. Part of being human is the inevitability of encountering difficulty. If you have the courage, these difficulties can be used as a catalyst for transformation.


I have experience with substance use recovery, anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting issues, premarital, and couple’s therapy.

What I bring into the therapy room is unconditional acceptance, an emphasis on grace for self and others, and genuine compassion to each one of my clients. I believe in the power of living authentically and how that power can provide us with better relationships (with ourselves and with others).

Learn more about Adriana here.

Session Fee: $125

Adriana is a PLMFT and is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure. She is under supervision with Michelle Worley, LMFT - MO#2012022112
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