We are all but

fellow travelers.

The journey to group practice ownership has been one that has spanned the vastness of emotional experience. From self-doubt and discomfort to courage and self-compassion, it's not been all that different from the overall experience of being human. I believe, at my core, that all of us are worthy of a human experience that includes connection, safety, and self-compassion. All of us.


None of us are void of the need for connection. Yet, loneliness is so present in the world around us. My desire, as you read through the bios of each of the therapists at Great Oaks, is that you hear/see/feel one over-arching truth: that you are worthy of connection and have been since the beginning.

As therapists, we wrestle with lots of things that being human brings. We are not perfect. None of us at Great Oaks claim to be. And my hope is this: that our common shared humanity will bring you a sense of belonging, of community, and of hope.

There is room for us all.

As the owner of Great Oaks, it is my desire that as you enter this space you experience feeling welcomed and cared for. And that, when you are ready, you come and sit with one of us, knowing that as you do you will be greeted by another human who sees your inherent worth and desires for you to see the same in yourself.

Michelle Worley
Curious Human, 
Creative Observer, &
Enneagram 7 with an ADHD wing
Session Fee: $150
Connect directly here!

We aren’t lost because we don’t know where we’re going; usually we are lost because when we don’t know where we are.

I value the whole: the whole person, the whole story, and the whole journey. Some of these moments, relationships, and experiences are beautiful. Some are tragic and painful. Many sit somewhere in between. No matter how disoriented, lost, or pained one might be, at the center is life and beauty waiting to be rediscovered and reclaimed. It is my passion, privilege, and desire to journey alongside you to rediscover your center, the core of who you are, and to launch you on your path to wholeness and vibrancy.


Passions, Populations, and Specializations:

Couples, Men, Sexuality, Spirituality,

Religious Wounding, Infidelity.

I am a certified Restoration Therapist.

Check out my website here: www.recenterkc.org!

Session Fee $150

BrianJames McMahon
Director of Great Oaks Launch, Therapist

Never, never,

never give up.

-Winston Churchill-

I will sit with you in your pain and walk along side you towards healing. I reference Brené Brown's work around shame and vulnerability, and am a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.


I am also trained in EMDR.


I am also the owner of Westport Therapy, LLC 



I find true joy and passion working with Individuals, Couples, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Megan Mulheron
Creator of Beautiful Spaces,
Rescuer of Dogs & Therapist

Cupcakes are muffins that

believed in miracles.

  I have no clue who said this

My purpose as a fellow traveler in this beautiful world, is to bring humor (and healing) to whomever I can. Everyone has a story that holds value especially during those times of growth that often feel like immense struggle.


"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where

you're meant to be. It's easy." - the Beatles


Populations/areas of strength- Kiddos, teens, adults, anxiety, depression, life stuff, sarcasm, etc. I also dabble in dad jokes. Contact me. I'll be here all week! 

Ashley Subuh, LMFT
Human Being, Leader of Sarcasm, Open heart surgeon, Therapist 
Session Fee: $110
(sliding scale may be available)

Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing

who we are.

Brené Brown

I’m in the business of story-shaping. I believe we become the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Are you stuck in a story that feels disempowering or defeating? Let me be your co-author and collaborator in creating your counter story—a brand new, one-of-a-kind narrative that aligns with your truest, most authentic self. 


Passion Populations & Specializations: 

LGBTQ+, Couples, Women-Empowerment, Teens


Keepin’ It Real/My Therapeutic Style: 

As a former journalist turned therapist, I believe in giving voice to

the voiceless. In my work, I utilize an integration of Narrative, Solution-focused and Emotionally focused therapies, with dashes

of mindfulness and experiential pieces baked into the process, to create a nonjudgmental, compassionate and empowering space

that will allow each individual, couple or family to take back the

driver’s seat on their own lives. 

Check out my website here!

Caitlyn Crawford, PLMFT
Authenticity Ally,
Empowerment Enlivener,
Lover of the Comeback Story

Caitlyn is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Michelle Worley, LMFT - MO#2012022112


Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.


The human experience is a roller coaster ride. I will be right next to you through the ups and downs. I believe in the power of rebuilding relationships with ourselves and the people we care for most. We do this by learning new skills to enhance emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being. 



You do the work. You make the world a better place. But it’s hard to make time for yourself, for self-care, for self-compassion. This can leave you feeling mentally exhausted, physically unwell and can interfere with your job and lives. I’m with you. I feel it too. I want to provide a lift. We can share the load together.



You can enjoy a rich, full and meaningful relationship...again. Connection is repairable. We can learn to be present with one another, open up to thoughts & feelings, and navigate difficult situations. We will drive this love bus with our values front and center. (Prepare/Enrich program offered.)


About Myself. 

I’ve been connecting and helping people for over a decade. My genuine curiosity for human behavior blossomed as a personal trainer and bartender. My compassion and respect for humans grew as a lifestyle coach for cancer and chronic disease survivors.  Witnessing life’s greatest pain is a humbling lesson. Nurturing the resiliency of the human spirit is a sincere privilege. I’m here for the serious moments, but as a mom, I value playfulness too. We can’t take things so darn serious all the time. I look forward to connecting soon!

Jessica Nickels, PLPC
Compassionate Catalyst,
Values Activist,
Liberator of Love, &
Helpers Helper
Session Fee $100

Jessica is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Jennifer Agee, LPC-MO#2001031979


Come and take one giant step into your healthier tomorrow.

Sometimes you just need to remember to not take yourself too seriously. I have the great privilege of working with fellow travelers on their journey to a peaceful and more fulfilling existence. Therapy is a mechanism to test your faith, try your courage and continue to grow into everything that you know you can be. Come take a walk with me; you never know which step is the one that changes everything.

Jerome Hawkins, S-MFT
Keeper of Faith, Chief Troublemaker, & Therapist

Jerome is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Jesse Sieve, LMFT - MO#2014043517


It's a privilege to be able to bear witness to someone's story when they may not have had the chance to tell it before.

Lindy Alexander

Kristal Stone, S-MFT
Manager of Strength & Courage,
Influencer of Good,
Therapy in action.
Session Fee: $100

Kristal is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Michelle Worley, LMFT - MO#2012022112

The opposite of play is not work. It's depression.

Stuart Brown, MD

Hi! I’m Samantha. For the past several years I have had the absolute privilege of working with kids who come from hard places. Through this work, I have found that helping humans find healing is my passion. I love working with the whole family system including children, families, parents, and individuals. More often than not, you will find me providing

healing through the use of play-something I believe has

more power than we give it credit.


I am trained in and utilize aspects of play therapy, attachment and narrative therapy techniques in my work and can’t wait to work with you!

Samantha Donahoo, S-MFT
 the one with the laugh
Session Fee: $110

Samantha is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Michelle Worley, LMFT - MO#2012022112


Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage.  Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.


  Rainer Maria Rilke

Our wellbeing is inseparably tied to our relationships.  From the first moments of life to the present, relationships have the power to shape us, hurt us, and heal us.  


I’m committed to cultivating a genuine, accepting, collaborative therapeutic environment.  My focus is on our therapeutic relationship, your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself.  This involves compassionate attention to story, emotions, thoughts, interpersonal dynamics, personality, and even bodily sensations.


It is my privilege to attend to attachment issues, marital distress, pornography addiction, trauma, shame, personal growth, life transition, making sense of your story, and spiritual issues.

Andrew Bell, PLPC
Coffee Enthusiast,
Shalom Seeker,
Gentle Soul
Session Fee: $90

Andrew is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Emily Viet, LPC - MO#2012032191


Within our own struggles, we will suffer one of two things: the pain of inaction, or the pain of taking action.

As a therapist, my goal is to work myself out of a job by guiding you through healing and giving you the resources and abilities to handle your unique situations. The idea is that anything we work on in session, is then translatable to your everyday life, and that we use the tools you already have in order to overcome whatever obstacle is facing you.

I value therapy as something that meets you where you are and addresses your current needs, whether that is focusing on a specific problem within a 10-session structure, or looking at deeper struggles in a long-term, process-driven format.

At the end of the day, wherever you go, there you are. So why not give yourself the power and permission to be that best version of yourself that you can be.

Areas of focus include: Identity, Purpose, Values & Meaning. Whether you are new to life or nearing the end, it’s never too late to discover and build upon these aspects of yourself.

I offer therapy for any and all children and their parents/guardians, including prenatal to five years of age. Whether it’s starting off on the right foot as a parent/guardian, or helping a child heal and grow, therapy can often offer useful guidance and support.

I have experience in treating individuals, kids, teens, families, and couples; as well as in areas such as grief, loss, domestic violence, immigration, abuse, teen life, isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness.

Trained in Play Therapy: A modality that is well suited for children (and sometimes even us adults!). Play therapy is designed to help children work through struggles, only instead of relying solely on words, we also integrate the language of play.

Learn more at https://www.a4pt.org/page/WhyPlayTherapy


Trained in ATIP (Acute Traumatic Incident Processing): Learn more at https://www.emdrconsulting.com/a-tip-2/


Gottman Level 1 Trained: Learn more at https://www.gottman.com/professionals/training/level-1/

Check out my website here!

Ryan Miller, PLMFT (MO), LMFT (KS)
Session Fee: $115

Ryan is currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and is

under supervision with Michelle Worley, LMFT - MO#2012022112